Saturday, June 7, 2008

First Blog

This is my first entry into my first blog. My new friend Jason, who with his wife, Trina just opened up Doggie Cakes in New Port Richey introduced me to this and it seemed kind of cool to do. (irony- they bought an ad from us weeks ago, and Jason, a graphic designer STILL hasn't sent me his artwork yet.) lol but when he does, look for them on our site. They make dog treats...very healthy, and my dogs love them.
Let me introduce myself first.
My name is Rob, I am one of the owners of
My job entails many things....I do the majority of the design work for us, Customer Relations, I train salespeople and along with that, I go out and do sales the 8 years of doing this, I probably have been in every business in the Tamp Bay area.
I really love my job and most everything that comes with it. I won't say it's easy, because it's pretty much the opposite. I think its the challenge that I love so much...If you know anything about would understand that I am extremely competitive..I have had 50 amateur boxing matches and have been in either a softball league, flag football league or tennis league pretty much my entire life to this point..I love to compete!!!
Another passion I have is dogs....I have two spoiled mini schnauzers , Miko and Pepper that you will definitely hear about in future posts.

I'm not real sure which direction I want this to go in just yet...I'm not sure to just blog about how to save money in Tampa Bay and make it strictly a work thing or make it a personal thing and write about my daily thoughts. I am a New Yorker, so I am pretty opinionated and not sure if that is a great idea. Should I talk about sports, dogs, TV and the Internet? I guess we will find out as I go. : )

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Doggie said...

Rob, thanks for mentioning Doggie Cakes. Has it been two weeks :) Anyway folks, the ad and coupons are up. Best wishes with your site and new blog.